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Our Main objective is provide care and support to orphans and vulnerable children
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Objectives Of Mayambala Orphanage Center

To provide a safe, caring and loving environment for children aged 3-23 (Regardless of HIV status or disability), who are vulnerable, orphaned or abandoned.

To strive at placing our children back into their family home; where this is not possible we would hope for adoption. If neither of the above are possible the child would be welcome to remain at Mayambala Orphanage Center Home.

To provide orphaned children with a loving home environment that will meet their physical, psychological and spiritual needs, allowing them to grow and develop to their full potential.


To ensure that orphaned children receive an education through grade 5 and to learn a trade, preparing them to live on their own.

To strive and get sponsorship for each child and staff member; to sponsor the Child's care and education and the staff wages.

To implement a community-involved effort to care for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable babies and young children.


To provide orphaned children with education on HIV/AIDS prevention and other health related issues. To develop the community through employment and training people on how to utilize opportunities. To operate in a financially accountable and sustainable manner.

To use local resources and seek to become self-reliant in energy and food. To strive and relocate children into their family units. To provide training in the care of infants for mothers and careers.

To hire and adequately pay trained staff who care for their assigned children. To hire office staff who keep records and documents on each child. To make available nurses and medical volunteers. To seek, screen and train volunteers.


For a detailed copy of our objectives, please contact us.

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